Background & History of Edition Silvertrust


Edition Silvertrust was founded by Raymond Silvertrust, editor of The Chamber Music Journal.  After writing about chamber music for several years, he realized that there are many fine works which have been unjustly forgotten or neglected--works which are every bit as good as the masterpieces with which we are already familiar--perhaps over familiar since nowadays it is hard to hear anything but works by the famous. Knowing what a pity it was that these works were never likely to be played again unless they were reprinted, and seeing that  so few deserving works were being republished, he tried to encourage publishers to undertake this task. Because he was the editor of an important chamber music publication, he actually had some degree of success, but nowhere near what he had hoped for. Finally, with the advent of computers, digital scanners and music notation software, it has become possible to enter music publishing without the outlay of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Edition Silvertrust is a family business run by professional and amateur musicians who have played, performed and become familiar with the literature from the wider world of chamber music as few others have. This experience has been invaluable in helping us to choose those works we feel are most deserving of republication.


As a family business we still believe in all of the old-fashioned values that this implies.  We want to give our customers personalized service and satisfaction.  You are more than just a customer to us, you are a fellow chamber musician on an adventure of discovery!


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