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 Violin Sonata No.3 in d minor, Op.2 No.3

Olof ┼hlstr÷m (1756-1835) was born in the Swedish village of Vňrdinge. He received early musical lessons from the parish organist and then studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. He worked as a musician, serving for many years as an organist at an important Stockholm church, but such positions barely paid, so he pursued a career as a civil servant rising to a high rank in the Royal War Office. His connections there eventually allowed him to obtain a 20 year Royal grant, a virtual monopoly, for printing sheet music in Sweden. He not only published his own compositions but those of other contemporary Swedish composers such as Johan Wikmanson, Carl Bellman and Johan Kellgren.


His own compositions include a large number of songs, choral works, an opera and several instrumental sonatas. In 1784, he published four violin sonatas which he had composed. No.3 is in three movements, It begins with a turbulent Allegro and is followed by a lovely, dainty Adagio. The final movement is simply marked Minuetto, however, it is clear from the music that it is to be played quickly. It is not a traditional minuet, but a thrusting, almost stormy affair.


Our edition is based on ┼hlstr÷m's 1784 original. We have reset it and added rehearsal letters. This sonata is not only important historically as one of the few Swedish violin sonatas from the late 18th century, it can stand on its own merits and do well in the recital hall.


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