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Violin Sonata No.2 in G Major, Op.38b

Feodor Akimenko’s Violin Sonata No.2 in G Major although originally published in 1911 was composed in 1898-99. It clearly shows Akimenko’s interest in the developments of French impressionism. The opening Allegro is restless and quite chromatic and though clearly in the key of G Major is characterized by a certain tonal ambiguity. A long piano solo introduces the second movement, Andante. It simple and calm, but when the violin enters (our soundbite begins here), restlessness returns. There is a highly dramatic middle section before the music returns to theme introduced by the piano. The finale, Allegro molto, though not so marked is a rather loose set of variations in the form of brief episodes which though quite different from each other do share much of the same thematic material


Feodor Akimenko (also Theodor and Yakimenko 1876-1945) was born in the village of Pisky near the city of Kharkov in the Ukraine. He was educated at the St. Petersburg Conservatory where he studied with Rimsky-Korsakov and Liadov. After graduating, he held teaching positions in Tbilisi, Nice, Kharkov, and Prague. He eventually emigrated to France and spent the last 20 years of his life in Paris and Nice. Stravinsky was among his many composition students. His music shows the influence of the French impressionists


This sonata is characteristic of late 19th century and early 20th century Russian music with its tendencies toward French impressionism while retain the building blocks of Russian thematic material. Another fine work deservie performance. Long out of print we hope it will interest violinists.


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