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 String Trio in C Major

Franz d’Alquen (1804-1877) was born in the German town of Arnsberg in the province of Westphalia. He and his pianist brother Friedrich, who is somewhat better known, emigrated to London around 1830 where he remained the rest of his life.  His String Trio in C Major which was brought out by the London publisher Robert Cocks & Co in 1850 a year after it was composed is an example of this kind of composition. It is well-written for all three voices, has appealing melodies and presents no technical difficulties.


The trio opens with a somber Lento introduction which leads to a genial Allegro moderato. The second movement, a lyrical Andante cantabile, is full of charm and has a vocal quality. Next comes a brisk Allegro scherzo with nicely contrasting trio section. The finale is an effortlessly flowing Allegro grazioso.

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