Georges Antoine

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Piano Quartet in d minor, Op.6

"Georges Antoine's Piano Quartet in d minor was composed in 1916 while he was on active duty in the French army during World War 1. He sent the score to Vincent d’Indy in Paris who suggested some revisions which he duly made. The work was not published, however, during his lifetime. In three movements–Modéré-Animê, Assez lent and Résolu et animét is in the late French Impressionist style. It is an interesting work with many appealing ideas, thematically diverse. As it is not particularly difficult from a technical standpoint, it can be recommended to amateurs as well as professionals."---The Silvertrust Guide to Piano Quartets.


Georges Antoine (1892-1918) was born in Belgian city of Liege. He studied at the conservatory there winning several prizes. An asthmatic, he nonetheless enlisted in the army at the outbreak of WWI in 1914. The war years did not improve his condition and he died shortly after the war’s close.


This interesting and engaging piano quartet has long been out of print. We are pleased to make it available once more.


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