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Piano Trio in No.2 in f minor, Op.73

ďArensky's Second Piano Trio, composed in 1905 the year before his death, is every bit as pleasing and grateful to play as his First.---Wilhelm Altmann writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players.


Anton Arensky (1861-1906) was born in Novgorod but his family moved to St. Petersburg while he was still relatively young. His first piano lessons were from his mother. He entered the Petersburg Conservatory in 1879 and three years later graduated with high honors. Among his principal teachers was Rimsky-Korsakov. He subsequently taught at the Moscow Conservatory where he befriended and was influenced by Tchaikovsky and Sergei Taneyev.


The main theme to the massive opening Allegro moderato is dark and brooding. Here, the influence of Tchaikovsky makes itself felt The second movement is a Romance. After a short introduction in the strings, the piano proceeds alone, playing what sounds rather like a Chopin nocturne. When the strings are finally brought into the mix, the writing becomes very beautiful. In the third movement, Scherzo, presto, the piano is given rippling arpeggio passages to unusual accompaniment of spiccato in the violin and guitar-like strumming pizzicato in the cello, The gorgeous theme of the trio section is first given out by the cello. The finale is a Tema con variazioni. The theme is followed by six effective and contrasting variations.


This is a first rate work certainly deserving of performance in the concert hall and in no way beyond experienced, competent amateur players. It has either been unavailable of quite difficult to find (and expensive), so we hope that by making it available at an attractive price, your interest will be stimulated.

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