Adolf Barjansky

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String Quartet No.1 in F Major, Op.6

Very little information is available about Adolf Barjansky (1850-1900, some sources say 1915). He was born in Moscow. What musical training he received in Russia is unknown. Most likely it was at the Odessa Conservatory. However, it is known that he studied composition and piano at the Leipzig Conservatory with Carl Reinecke and Salomon Jadassohn. He also briefly studied in Vienna and Paris Thereafter, he was active in Odessa, where he taught at the conservatory there. He is thought to be the father of the virtuoso cellist Alexandre Barjansky. He has two string quartets to his credit along with a piano trio, a piano quartet and some instrumental sonatas.


The String Quartet No.1 dates from 1893 and is in three movements. The opening movement, Allegro, is in the form of a lilting barcarolle. The middle movement, Andante affetuoso and subtitled Serenata, is quite striking with its lovely melody and charming pizzicato accompaniment. The finale, Vivace, is a real "barn burner" full of forward motion and sure to garner great applause from its audience.


Out of print for a century, the appealing work can be recommended to both amateurs and professionals alike. We are pleased to make it available to chamber music lovers once again.

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