Luigi Boccherini

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String Trio in f minor, Op.34 No.1, G.101

For 2 Violins & Cello

Boccherini's Op.34 string trios for two violins and cello are probably the finest he wrote for this ensemble, and he wrote nearly 60. The intricate part-writing is excellent, the moods and tonal colors he brings forth are wide-ranging and the overall treatment of the three voices leave nothing to be desired.

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) was born in the town of Lucca in northern Italy. He studied cello and became a virtuoso. But it was at a time that such players could not yet make a living from touring, so Boccherini found jobs in various orchestras in Vienna and Italy. Boccherini eventually moved to Paris where he hoped to establish himself as an independent soloist and composer but could not and was forced to take employment with the Spanish royal family for the rest of his life. 

The opening movement, Andante lento, begins with the cello introducing a slow, sad theme. Its funereal or elegiac quality is further elucidated in the intricate development section. A lively, upbeat Allegro con brio follows. There is a certain Spanish-sounding quality to the more lyrical second theme. The finale is a, Menuetto, is surprisingly slow and lugubrious, having almost the same mood as the first movement, however, the lively trio is both quick and energetic.

This trio is without doubt among the best for this combination of instruments and can be recommended without reservation to ensembles seeking a first rate work for this combination. Our edition is the first and only to add rehearsal numbers.

Parts: $19.95 




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