Carl Bohm   


Op.352 No.1 3d Movt

Op.352 No.4 1st Movt

Six Light Trios for Violin, Cello & Piano, Op.352

Carl Bohm (1844-1920) was certainly very well-known during his life time. Yet today, his name brings nothing but blank stares. He was one of the leading German song writers of the 19th century and is regularly ranked among a select few after Schubert. Literally dozens of his songs achieved world-wide fame. Among them are such works as: Still as the Night, Twilight, May Bells, Enfant Cheri and The Fountain, just to name a few. Nowadays it is virtually impossible to find any information about him in the standard reference sources although the Oxford Companion to Music tells us, "A German composer of great fecundity and the highest salability...He occupied an important position in the musical commonwealth inasmuch as his publisher, Simrock, declared that the profits on his compositions provided the capital for the publication of those of Brahms."


Bohm, like Schubert, was far more than just a song writer, composing in most genres. His chamber music, mostly quartets and piano trios, was extremely popular not only amongst amateurs but also among touring professional groups who were always in need of a sure-fire audience pleaser. Bohm's specialty was music in a lighter vein and no one would ever confuse it with the dark, brooding and introspective works of Brahms. There is always something to be said for a work which listeners can immediately appreciate. And certainly these six trios are just the thing.


Unfortunately, these trios, which date from 1897, have not been recorded. However, we were able to find an old recital tapes of an amateur trios playing the final movement to Op.352 No.1, Rondo, allegretto and the opening movement of Op.352 No.4 Allegro. They are typical of the style Bohm employs in all of these trios, which are pleasing to hear, effectively written and have good part writing. Bohm entitled the works "Light" trios and by this he meant of no great technical difficulty but also on the lighter side musically. Though they are easy to play, they still require musicality because they are so finely written. They are perfect for amateur  players searching for recital works, but should also be welcomed by professional groups needing an audience pleaser that can be played at a moments notice.


Long out of print, these trios were usually sold individually to maximize the publisher's profits. We have put them all together as a collection and are pleased to offer them at a very attractive price.


Parts: $39.95





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