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String Quartet No.2 in D Major

“Borodin's String Quartet No.2 in D Major was composed in what was for him a relatively short period of time during the summer of 1881. In four movements, it begins with an amiable Allegro moderato in which the cello sings out the main theme, followed by the first violin. The first violin then introduces an equally lyrical second theme. The end of the movement cleverly integrates both of the main themes in a magical and soft ending. In the second movement, Scherzo Allegro, the violins state the main theme which is a rapid and repeated series notes, played slightly higher in pitch each time they are repeated. Against this, the viola plays a sustained counter melody. The third movement, Notturno, quite possibly is the most famous piece of music Borodin ever composed. It has as its opening theme one of the most beautiful and well-known of all quartet melodies, used on Broadway and in Hollywood. There are few who cannot have heard it, and only few who know from where it originally came. In the finale, Borodin plays with two separate tempi. The main theme to the finale is stated in the opening Andante. Then comes a faster section, Vivace, in which the lower voices bring forth both parts of the first theme. Later, the first violin sings out a lyrical second theme. Borodin gradually builds tension throughout this long movement and brings it to a close in a spirit of celebration and triumph. This great quartet is performed in concert all too rarely. Amateurs who do not know it will enjoy making its acquaintance.”——Larius J. Ussi writing in The Chamber Music Journal

One would think this quartet, highly effective as it is, would be heard in concert more often than it is. Certainly, it be appreciated by amateurs everywhere.

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