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Introduzione, Theme & Variations

For Flute, Clarinet, Two Violins, Viola and Cello

“Pietro Bottesini's Theme & Variations for Flute, Clarinet & String Quartet is very charming. The variations are quite well done.”---The Chamber Music Journal


The name of Bottesini will forever be associated with the string bass, for Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889) is perhaps its best, and certainly its most famous, player. Giovanni’s father Pietro Bottesini (1792-1874) was a fine clarinetist and also a relatively unknown Italian composer.


The Introduzione, Theme and Variations was published in 1831 and presumably composed not long before. The style of writing bears considerable similarity to that of Rossini and Donizetti, both of whom were nearly exact contemporaries. The work is designed to be a showcase for the two wind players with the strings serving as a kind of small orchestra, the arrangement one often finds in Spohr's Quatour Brillants. The piece begins with a lengthy introduction in which both the clarinet and flute are given cantabile bel canto melodies. The theme makes its appearance about a third of the way through the work. It is pleasant, but it is the set of four charming variations which steal the show. Lively, interesting and always melodic. This is very appealing music.


Our edition is based on the original 1831 edition published by Ricordi as Andante and Variations by which it became known. However, the word "Introduzione" appears in the composer's handwriting on the manuscript. We have corrected some mistakes and added rehearsal numbers.


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