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String Quartet No. 3 in d minor

Johannes Bernardus van Bree (1801-57) was trained as a violinist and composer. He became conductor of Amsterdamís leading music ensemble and composed in nearly every genre. In the 1830ís, he founded the renowned Amsterdam String Quartet and served as its 1st violinist for over 20 years. Most sources indicate that he composed three string quartets.


String Quartet No.3 in d minor dates from 1848. The lovely first movement, Allegro moderato, opens with a sad and haunting theme. One feels the influence of both Schubert and Mendelssohn. The second movement, Scherzo vivace, is exuberating. The third movement is perhaps the show piece of the quartet. Subtitled Air russe (Andante con variazioni), it a theme and set of five variations on a well-known Russian folk tune, Krasny Sarafan (The red cloak) The finale, Allegro un poco agitato, combines several styles. The influence of Mendelssohn is quite evident but successfully employed. Despite its eclectic nature, the movement works.


 "I consider myself fortunate in that I own a set of parts to this work and have played it with great enjoyment many times. It is a good quartet and I have no doubt audiences would find it very pleasing as well."---Editor of The Chamber Music Journal


We have taken a serviceable early edition of this work and have added rehearsal numbers and corrected a few mistakes. We think you will enjoy playing this fine work.


 Parts: $24.95





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