Jean Baptiste Bréval

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Cello Sonata G Major

Jean Baptiste Bréval  (1756-1825)  was one of the cello piano virtuosi of the late 18th and early 19th century. His technique said to rival that of the famous Duport brothers. Bréval was born in Paris and spent his entire life working there. He enjoyed a successful concert career and also became a well-known teacher and composer. He was a fairly prolific composer, writing extensively for the cello and also composer a fair amount of chamber music. 

The Sonata in G Major is thought to date from 1787. It shows a fine technique which is employed in the service of elegance and good taste. The opening Allegro brillante is an excellent example of this. A heroic melody, then the Parisian taste, opens. The use of double-stops and passage work all help to move the music along. Though showy, they are not without charm and certainly are not put there solely as a means of showing technique. The second movement, Adagio, consists of a very lovely melody well-suited to the tenor and treble registers in which it is sung. The finale, Rondo, allegro con grazia, engages the listener from the first note. The lyrical second theme contrasts nicely with passage works which follows.

This a very good work from the late French classical era and very well written for the cello.

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