Frank Bridge


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Rhapsody Trio for Two Violins and Viola

Writing of Frank Bridge's Trio Rhapsody for 2 Violins and Viola, Benjamin Britten noted:


"It is a work decidedly worth reviving, it has a strong fantastic character, very personal themes, and wonderfully resourceful writing for the instruments."


It dates from 1928, his so-called modernist period and is one of his last chamber music works. It is in one, very substantial movement with several sections (if which we present 3)  that created by tempo changes. The overall mood is one of mystery often created by the blending of major and minor tonalities which create a light, gossamer, almost transparent feel.

Born in Sussex, Frank Bridge learned to play violin from his father, and had much early exposure to practical musicianship, playing in theatre orchestras his father conducted He studied violin and composition, the latter from Charles Stanford, at the Royal College of Music. He later played viola in prominent quartets and was a respected conductor.


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