Teresa Carreņo


Kleiner Walzer for Violin & Piano

Although Carreņo gave this charming piece the name Mi Teresita (My little Teresa), her German publisher who brought it out in 1896 dubbed Kleiner Walzer by which it became known.


Teresa Carreņo (1853-1917) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She showed extraordinary musical promise at an early age. Her earliest compositions, short piano pieces, date from her sixth year. The brilliance of her piano playing soon provided the decisive impetus for her family's decision to leave Venezuela. In 1862, the family moved to New York City where she studied with the American virtuoso Louis Moreau Gottschalk. In 1866, her family relocated to Paris where she played for Rossini and Liszt, and befriended Gounod and Saint-Saëns. A few years later she began a career as a concertizing virtuoso pianist. Although she was considered one of the finest pianists of her day, she also pursued a career as an opera singer and conductor.


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