Ernesto Cavallini


RÍverie Russe for Flute, Clarinet and Piano

Ernesto Cavallini (1807Ė1874) was born in Milan. He  studied at the Milan Conservatory under Benedetto Carulli. He became the principal clarinetist of La Scala and  taught at the Milan Conservatory. He talent was such that he was popularly called the Paganini of the clarinet. His playing inspired Verdi to write several clarinet solos into his operas. As a composer, he is best known for his and his fantasies on famous operatic themes.


The Reverie Russe was composed around 1864 during which time Cavallini was working in Saint Petersburg. It was intended for himself and Cesari Ciardi, the first flautist of the Imperial Orchestra and professor of flute at the Petersburg Conservatory.



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