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Piano Trio in g minor, Op.8

There was a time when Frederic Chopin's Piano Trio in g minor was often heard in concert and in the homes of amateurs. Sadly, that has not been the case for a long time, although it still gets recorded. Robert Schumann praised it highly at the time of its 1828 publication. Both he and Chopin were only 18 and the trio had been composed a few years earlier. Other than his cello sonata, it is his only chamber work and quite a good one indeed, if one considers he was only 16 when he completed it. The the main theme to opening movement, Allegro con fuoco, calls to mind Hummel's Piano Quintet. And perhaps this is no accident, as Chopin knew Hummel, who was then considered the finest pianist of his time. It is a dramatic movement full of appealing melody. Schumann in his review of the trio described the last three movements as follows:" The Scherzo, which is the second movement, is lively and flowing, the Adagio which comes next is charming, and the Finale cheerful and vivacious."


Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)) needs no introduction, famous in his lifetime and after, his music for solo piano as well as his piano concertos are among the best known. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same for his trio which we recommend to both professionals and amateurs alike.


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