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Cello Sonata in D Major, Op.38

Cilea's Cello Sonata in D Major dates from 1888. The opening Allegro moderato is filled with wonderful melodic writing and is quite fresh sounding. Its lyricism became a trademark of his style and stood him in good stead for his operas. The second movement, Alla Romanza, Largo doloroso, is in the form of a nocturno. The lively finale, Allegro animato, besides its appealing melodic writing is filled with little teasing effects. There is also a vague hint of impressionism.


Francesco Cilea (1866-1950) was born in the Italian town of Palmi. He studied and graduated from the Naples Conservatory. Subsequently, he became a professor there but also pursued a career as composer. A series of very successful operas made his name for him. However, he also composed for orchestra and did not ignore chamber music, writing a piano trio, a string quartet and a number of instrumental sonatas.


This is a superb cello sonata, full of outstanding melodic writing and vocal lyricism for which the Italians were famous. Sure to make a hit in the recital hall, here is a sonata which should be in every cellist's repertoire.


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