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Piano Trio in D Major, Op.28 No.2

Muzio Clementi's Piano Trio in D Major, Op.28 No.2 is the second of a set of three he completed in 1793. It is an interesting work in that it can be said to be in advance of the trios of Haydn and the early Mozarts with regard to the strings having a better role to play. As such it is an interesting work from an historical standpoint and showcase Clementi's gift for melody. The opening movement is a lovely and at times spirited Allegro amabile. The middle movement is marked Polonese. It is not a Polaca but closer to a mazurka. The finale is a spritely Rondo.


Clementi (1752-1832) was born in Rome where he studied piano. He playing so impressed Peter Beckford a wealthy English aristocrat that the Englishman convinced Clementi's father to let him come to England to continue his studies. Clementi became a famous touring piano virtuoso as well as a famous composer and teacher. Among his students were John Field, Ignaz Moscheles and Ludwig Berger.


Here is a good choice where an alternate to a Haydn or early Mozart piano trio are desired. It is pleasant to play and to hear.


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