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Sonata in D Major for Violoncello and Piano, Op.84

Vincent d' Indy's Cello Sonata in D was composed when he was over seventy years old. His style underwent a considerable change in the years following his retirement and move from Paris to the south of France. Here, he composed a series of works which are straight forward, and generally bright and gay in mood. Though not so named, the sonata actually takes the form of a baroque suite. The opening movement, Entree, is elegant and charming. Next comes a Gavotte en Rondeau in which the cello pizzicato is used to bring the lute to mind. The third movement, marked Air, had a gentle and melancholy mood. The finale, Gigue, is a lively updated form of this baroque dance.


Vincent d’Indy (1851-1931) studied composition at the Paris Conservatory with César Franck. Though D’Indy was to assimilate and be influenced by many different sources, Franck and his music left the most telling mark on him. D’Indy’s reputation, during his own lifetime was considerable, having founded, in 1900, what was to become the most important music school in France after the Paris Conservatory—The Schola Cantorum.


This little known sonata makes a fine choice for the recital hall.

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