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Piano Trio in G Major, Op.15

Wilfrid díIndy (1821-1891) was born in the French town of Valence and was the uncle of the better known French composer Vincent díIndy. From an old French noble family, Wilfrid, who became a count upon his fatherís death, was intended for a military career but with his motherís permission became a composer studying piano and composition with the Polish pianist and composer Anton de Kontski then resident in Paris. He composed mostly for the Opera Comique and even Rossini was said to have pronounced favorably on several of his works. But he also devoted himself to chamber music, of which he was quite fond. These were tailored for the tastes of the French salon concerts of the time..


His Piano Trio in G Major dates from the mid 1850ís and is an excellent example of the music which was popular at French salon concerts during the first part of the Second Empire. His trio was not intended to plum the depths of profundity but rather to give pleasure through attractive, light and gay melodies and with a touch of operatic drama. In the three movements, the work begins with a melodramatic and heroic sounding Allegro giusto. The middle movement, Andante sostenuto, is quite lyrical and evokes the opera, especially during the pianoís brief but lovely aria-like cadenza. The finale, Allegro moderato, is a naive, playful dance, light and sunny, full of fun. DíIndyís publisher insisted on a viola part in lieu of the cello with a view of increasing sales and the composer was only too happy to comply


Here is a work which is fun to play and to hear. Long out of print, we are pleased to be able to make it available onee again.


(A) Violin, Cello & Piano $29.95
(B) Violin, Viola, & Piano $29.95
(C) All Four Parts $34.95



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