Louis Dauprat

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Quintet No.1 for Horn and String Quartet in F Major, Op.6, No.1

Louis Dauprat (1781-1868) was born Paris. He studied at the Paris Conservtory and subsequently became principal horn of the Paris Opera and a Professor of Horn at the Paris Conservatory. He studied composition with Anton Reicha. Most of his compostiions are for horn, a consider number of which are in chamber music settings.


It was Mozart's Horn Quintet which put the genre on the map, and may have served as an example for Dauprat. Being a virtuoso, however, the writing for horn is more spectacular than that of Mozart. Horn Quintet No.1 in F Major is the first of a set of three which date from around 1813. It opens with an genial Allegro. A lyrical, languid, dream-like Andante serves as the middle movement. Here, the horn leads the entire way. The finale is rollocking, jovial, Polacca, allegro moderato.


Our new edition is based on the original Bochsa edition from Paris. This is a good choice when an evening of horn quintets is planned and makes an attractive addition to the Mozart.


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