Frederick Delius

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Cello Sonata in D Major

Frederick Delius (1862-1934) was born in the English city of Bradford to German Parents. As a boy, he studied violin and piano locally, but his father tried, unsuccessfully, to interest him in a career in commerce. Eventually, he was allowed to enter the Leipzig Conservatory where he studied piano with Carl Reinecke and composition with Salomon Jadassohn. After leaving the Conservatory, he settled in France where he remained for the rest of his life, except during the First World War. He composed in most genres and did not ignore chamber music, writing a string quartet and several instrumental sonatas.


His Cello Sonata dates from 1916, while he was living in England. It is in one substantial movement, which is divided into three sections. It opens Allegro ma non troppo. The theme is in turn bold and then wistful. The middle section, Lento non troppo has the quality of a nostalgic reverie. The third and final section is a partial recapitulation of the opening section but with new material used in development.

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