Thťodore Dubois


Promenade Sentimentale for Piano Trio

Thťodore Dubois (1837-1924) along with Camille Saint SaŽns is one of the great names of the French romantic movement. Like Saint SaŽns he eschewed impressionism. His music is characterized by, logic, clarity, fine melody, drama and a refined sense of taste. It  is finely crafted and clearly shows that he was a gifted melodist. Truly, it is a pity his chamber music is unknown because it is absolutely first rate.


The Promenade Sentimental makes no pretensions. It was meant to be a romantic character piece and in this it succeeds quite well, combining sweetness, with buoyancy as well as sentiment. Composed in 1904, it makes a perfect encore or can even serve as a very short piece between two larger ones on a concert program. It will also be a pleasure to amateurs.

Parts: $12.95




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