Thomas Dunhill


Soundbite courtesy

 of Dutton Epoch

Phantasy Trio for Violin, Viola & Piano, Op.36

Thomas Dunhill (1877-1946) grew up in London and was part of the Dunhill family which founded the famous tobacco shop in that city. He studied composition at the Royal College of Music with Charles Villiers Stanford. After graduating, he enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a teacher and composer, eventually serving as a professor at the Royal College. He was especially fond of chamber music and wrote a considerable amount.


His Phantasy Trio dates from 1911 and was dedicated to William Wilson Cobbett who had created and endowed a famous competition. The Cobbett Competitions where designed to encourage the younger generation of British composers to write chamber music. The rules of the competition provided an alternate format, the old English Fancy for Fantasia from the time of Purcell, to the traditional four movement work which had developed from Haydn onwards.


Although it is in one long movement, there are various moods and tempi so that one could rightly say that there are several sub-movements which form the whole. The music is by turns pastoral, lyrical, dramatic and exciting. Our sound-bite presents the first third of this trio.


Here is a superb work for a combination for which there is but a scanty repertoire. Long out of print and unavailable, we recommend it to professionals and amateurs alike.

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