Gabriel Dupont


Au Matin

Au Soir

 Journée de Printemps for Violin & Piano

Gabriel Dupont's Journée de Printemps (A Spring Day) for Violin and Piano dates from 1901. In two movements, Matin (morning) is bright and chirpy while Soir (evening) is calm and reflective. A lovely and emotive work well suitable for the recital hall.


Gabriel Dupont (1878 –1914) was born in Caen. He entered the Paris Conservatory where his main teachers were Jules Massenet and Charles-Marie Widor. In 1901 Dupont took second place in the prestigious Prix di Rome competition. Andre Caplet took first while Maurice Ravel finished third. Dupont's opera La Cabrera was successful both in France and Italy and he mostly concentrated on opera.


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