Antonin Dvorak

Soundbite Waltz No.1


Soundbite Waltz No.2

Two Waltzes for String Quartet or Quintet, Op.54 Nos. 1 and 4

Dvorak's Two Waltzes for String Quartet were taken from a set of 8 waltzes he wrote for piano in 1879. His publisher Simrock suggested that he make an arrangement for strings. This he did the following year. He selected two, the first and the fourth and arranged them for either string quartet, string quintet or string orchestra. In the end, his arrangement for strings became better known than the original set for piano. One does not often hear these lovely waltzes in concert where either would make a superb encore or played together a shorter program work.

Often out of print, or difficult to obtain, we are pleased to make them available to professional and amateur string players who will certainly enjoy them.


(A) String Quartet-Parts $14.95
(B) String Quartet-Parts & Score $17.95
(C) String Quintet (Qt & Bass)-Parts $16.95
(D) String Quintet (Qt & Bass)-Parts & Score $19.95




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