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String Quartet in B flat Major, Op.8

Emmanuel’s 1903 String Quartet in B flat Major, which was published in 1912, is a work of a high order, and is the utterance of a fine musician who knows what he wants, and who formulates his ideas entirely in his own fashion. The first movement, Adagio, Andante, Moderato (etc.) reminds one somewhat of Beethoven’s late quartets in its continual alternation of quick and slow tempi, and in the violent contrast of ideas which are diametrically opposed to one another. The second movement, after a few bars of andante, contains a charming allegro vivace in 6/8, beautifully clear both in ideas and style. The finale, alla zingarese, is full of life. With chords from the viola and cello to mark the rhythm, the theme is developed on the violins before passing to all of the instruments. Fierce 16th note passages continually sweep through it, and give to the whole movement a character of wild fury.—–Cobbett’s Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music


Maurice Emmanuel (1862-1938) was born in the French city of Dijon. He studied at the Paris Conservatory with Leo Delibes and Cesar Franck. He pursued a dual career as a composer and musicologist and in 1909 obtained the position of Professor of Music History at the Conservatory. Though not a prolific composer, he composed in most genres. Among his many students were Robert Casadesus, Yvonne Lefébure, Georges Migot, Jacques Chailley, Olivier Messiaen and Henri Dutilleux.


Unavailable for a very long time we are pleased to make it available once again and recommend it to groups looking for a first rate French work which exhibits an independence of thought and ideas.


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