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Sonata in D Major for Violoncello and Piano, Op.43

Michele Esposito's Cello Sonata in D Major, Op.43 dates from 1899 and was awarded a prize by the London Society of Musicians. In three movements, the work with an Allegro moderato, The cello enters quietly in its lower registers. The main theme is leisurely and genial, a second subject is livlier.An interesting Lento follows. It has the quality of an Irish lament, chiefly created by its rhythms. The finale, also an Allegro moderato, has a long-lined, unrushed theme for its main subject. Contrast comes in the form of a more agitated middle section.


Michele Esposito (1855-1929) was born in the Italian town Castellemare near the city of Sorrento. He studied at the Naples Conservatory and pursued a career as a composer and Professor of Piano at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin for more than forty years. His music combines Italian vocal quality with a French lightness. He composed in most genres and was especially attentive to chamber music.


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