Joseph Eybler

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String Quartet No.1 in D Major, Op.1 No.1

“I the undersigned hereby testify that I have found the bearer, Mr. Joseph Eybler, a worthy pupil of his famous master Albrechtsberger, a thorough composer, equally skilled in chamber and church styles, very experienced in compositional technique, as well as an excellent organ and piano player—-in short a young musician such as regrettably has few peers.”


So wrote Mozart in a letter of recommendation for his good friend and student, Joseph Eybler (1765-1846). And Eybler’s reputation and prominence in Vienna were such that the Empress made him Music Master to the Imperial Family in 1801 and in 1804 he was promoted to Vice-Kapellmeister, a position he held until 1824, at which time he succeeded Salieri as Imperial Kapellmeister. He held this post until his death. He was, like most of his contemporaries a prolific composer in most genres


Eybler’s Op.1 string quartets were a set of three finished in 1787. They show the influence of Haydn's middle period, in particular the Op.33 string quartets. Perhaps this was in large part due to the fact that Eybler worked quite closely with Haydn during those years and the latter championed Eybler’s works. The Op.1 are, in fact, dedicated to Haydn.


Op.1 No.1 opens with a brief Adagio introduction that leads to the main section, a bright Allegro. The Menuetto which follows begins with an echo of the second theme from the first movement. The third movement, Adagio cantabile is quite lyrical. The Finale is a theme and set of variations, quite unusual for the time.


Our new edition is based on the 1794 original by Johann Traeg. This work is historically important as it shows the work of a close contemporary of Haydn and Mozart who was an important part of the Vienna Classical era.


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