Friedrich Ernst Fesca

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String Quartet No.1 in E flat Major, Op.1 No.1

Friedrich Ernst Fesca (1789-1826) was born in the German town of Magdeburg. He studied piano and violin with several different teachers, including for a short time Ludwig Spohr. By age 16 had already obtained a position as a violinist in the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Not long after, he was employed as solo violinist to the Court of Jerome Bonaparte, at that time, King of Westphalia. After this he lived for a while in Vienna where he befriended the famous violinist, Ignaz Schuppanzigh, first violinist of the famous Beethoven Razumovsky String Quartet. His final years were spent working in Karlsruhe along with fellow composer Franz Danzi. He composed in nearly every genre from opera to solo piano works, however, the bulk of his out put was chamber music. Carl Maria von Weber, writing of Fesca’s chamber music, had this to say. “Mr. Fesca is completely master of whatever he undertakes to express. I am fully convinced of his remarkable talent. His works are carefully written, thoroughly elaborated and richly flavored." Spohr, upon hearing a performance of one of the Op.1 string quartets called a fine work full of talent.

String Quartet No.1 in E flat is the first of a set of three which appeared in 1806. The opening Allegro has for it s main subject a tuneful and swinging melody. The second theme and other ideas are all closely related to it. Next comes a deeply felt Adagio which has an almost religious quality to it.  This is followed by a lilting Menuetto with a very interesting contrasting trio in which pizzicato is used to telling effect. The finale, though marked Allegretto is for all intents and purposes a whirling allegro. Fesca’s tuneful works were popular through out most of the first half of the 19th century, but like so many other good pieces disappeared for no real discernable reason. We are pleased to reintroduce an early quartet which certainly makes an excellent alternative to the inevitable Haydn or Mozart.

Our new edition follows the original Pierre Mechetti exactly and pays particular attention, where possible, to page turns to facilitate performance.

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