CÚsar Franck


Andantino Quietoso for Violin & Piano, Op.6

The Andante Quietoso dates from 1843 when Franck and his violinist brother Joseph were making there names in various Paris salons performing works for violin and piano. The work is dedicated to one of his early patrons, Achille de Montendre. Though an early work, it has many of the characteristics of his later works. Andantino along with Andante were his favorite tempo markings. For its main theme there is a throbbing, Schubertian, elegiac melody which is accompanied by a regular pulse in the bass line of the piano. The structure involves a fluid interplay between the two voices. The work became quite popular as a recital work for many years.


CÚsar Franck, even today, is fairly well-known, not only as the father of modern French music, but also for his Symphony in d minor. His chamber music, unfortunately, has in modern times been unjustly shoved to the side and forgotten. Franck (1822-1890) was, during his lifetime also known as one of the best organists in the world. He was also a piano virtuoso and in later life as a professor at the Paris Conservatory became an important teacher. Among his many students were Vincent d'Indy and Ernest Chausson.

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