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Sonata in D Major for Violin and Piano, Op.3 No.1

Gaspard Fritz (1716-1783) was born in the Swiss city of Geneva where he lived his entire life except for a few years when he went to Italy to study with the famous violin teacher of Leclair and Pugnani, Giovanni Battista Somis. He worked in Geneva as a composer, conductor and violin teacher. For a while, his symphonies were quite popular in France and England.


The Op.3 No.1 Violin Sonata in D Major is the first of a set of six which dates from 1750 and reflects Italian, French and English tastes of the mid-18th century. The style is late Baroque. However, their importance rests in the fact that they lie on the cusp of the emerging classical era and one can hear evidence of the evolving French elegant style. In three movements, as was typical for the time, the Allegro, Adagio and Allegro follow the standard pattern.


The sonatas were originally for violin and basso continuo and the soundbites reflect this. However, ours is a modern edition updated for piano.


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