Oscar Fuchs





Three Character Pieces, Op.29

For Violin or Flute, Viola or Cello & Piano

Oscar Fuchs (1866-1927 original name Oskar von Diebitsch) was born Altona, a suburb of Hamburg in Germany, where he studied music and was trained as a classical musician. He worked as an actor and theater director in various provincial capitals, such as Dusseldorf among others, during the 1880s and 1890s. Fuchs made his name as a composer for the fledgling German cinema starting with two important films in 1912--Zwischen zwei Herzen and Totentanz (Between 2 Hearts and Dance of Death). He became a much sought after film composer and continued to orchestrate for the movies right up until his death.


Most of his classical compositions date from before the time that he started composing for the cinema. His Three Character Pieces---Abendlied, Gondoliera & Scherzo--- were originally published and known in Germany as Three Salonstücke, indicating that they were of a lighter nature. Composed in 1888 and published the next year, the Three Character Pieces can be played in four different combinations. The flute and violin parts are identical. These charming works are easy to play, make fine encores separately or a nice shorter work when played together.


(A) Flute or Violin, Viola & Piano $12.95
(B) Flute or Violin, Cello & Piano $12.95
(C) All Four Parts $15.95




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