Robert Fuchs

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String Quartet No.1 in E Major, Op.58

"Robert Fuchs' First String Quartet dates from 1897 at which time he was already 50 years old and had many works under his belt. The first movement, Allegro passionato, begins in a highly attractive with one of the loveliest cantilena melodies to be heard. In the second movement, Allegretto scherzando, Fuchs is preoccupied with tone. The peaceful trio section is particularly soulful. The slow movement, a lyrical Andante grazioso, is harmonically quite interesting. The finale, Allegro con fuoco, is pleasing not only because of the harmonies with their interesting modulations but also by virtue of the dance-like main theme which bustles forward with its appealing melody--This was the famed critic Wilhelm Altmann's description of this work in his Handbook for String Quartet Players.

Robert Fuchs (1847-1927) was born near the Styrian capital of Graz and attended the University of Vienna Conservatory studying with Otto Dessoff and Joseph Hellmesberger. By 1875, he himself was teaching at the Conservatory, eventually rising to the rank of Professor of Composition. He was one of the most famous and revered teachers of his time. Mahler, Sibelius, Hugo Wolf, Franz Schmidt, Alexander Zemlinsky, Franz Schrecker and Richard Heuberger were among his many students.

Published only once and out of print for long periods of time, we are pleased to make it once again available to professionals and amateurs, both of whom should find it to their interest.

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