Ladislao Gabrielli

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String Trio No.2 in d minor

For 2 Violins & Cello or 2 Violins & Viola

Very little information is available about Ladislao Gabrielli (1851-19??) including his dates, and where he was born and even his name. His German publishers dubbed him Ladislav rather than Ladislao. Based on our research, we believe he was born in Rome. One of his publishers listed his date of birth as 1851 and this is the only reference to a date. He was known as a violinist and composer and is thought to have studied in Rome. It is known, however, that he was active there. He seems to have primarily written instrumental works. As far as chamber music, he appears to have composed at least 5 piano trios, 2 string trios for 2 violins and cello or viola and a suite for 4 violins.


Gabrielli's String Trio No.2 in d minor was published in 1899 at the same time as his First Trio by the German publisher Schott. The well-known chamber music critic, Wilhelm Altmann writing about the trios in his Chamber Music Handbook calls them first rate light music, perfect for the salon or cafe. In fact, he writes, some of the movements are sure to get a rousing ovation from audiences in these venues.


The Trio is in three movements. The first is a powerful and dramatic Allegro appassionato which borders on the operatic. The middle movement is a deeply felt Adagio espressivo assai and the work concludes with a gypsy-like, rousing finale, Allegro alla zingarese.

Our edition is based on the 1899 Schott edition. This is an effective work in either combination and can be recommend to both.

(A) Two Violins & Cello $16.95
(B) Two Violins & Viola $16.95
(C) All Four Parts $19.95



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