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Piano Trio No.1 in E Major, Op.18

"In his Piano Trio in E Major, Op.18, published in 1925, Hans Gal shows that he really knows how to captivate both players and listeners. His ideas are highly poetic and but sometimes appear somewhat exotic, but nonetheless his use of structure and especially harmony is quite straight forward. I can warmly recommend this work for concert performance and it is not beyond the reach of experienced, competent amateur players. The two main themes of the first movement, Tranquillo ma con moto, are both charming and lush. The second movement, Allegro violento, is a highly rhythmic, jagged scherzo with a very appealing and more lyrical middle section. The third movement is actually two in one, beginning with an Adagio mesto, which is a poignant, graceful plaint that eventually shows a sense of closure leading to an upbeat Allegro."---the famous critic Wilhelm Altmann writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players.


Hans Gal (1890-1987)  was born in the small village of Brunn am Gebirge, just outside of Vienna. He was trained in that metropolis at the New Vienna Conservatory where he taught for some time. Later, with the support of such important musicians as Wilhelm Furtwangler, Richard Strauss and others, he obtained the directorship of the Mainz Conservatory. Gal composed in nearly every genre and his operas were particularly popular during the 1920's. Upon Hitler's rise to power, Gal was forced to leave Germany and eventually emigrated to Britain, teaching at the Edinburgh Music Conservatory for many years.

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