Vincent Gambaro

Wind Quartet in E flat Major, Op.4 No.1

For Flute, Clarinet, Horn & Bassoon


1st Movement

2nd Movement

3rd Movement

Although the arrangements of Vincent Gambaro (17??-18??) were well-known and he was friendly with several famous Viennese composers of his time, you will not find his name in any of the standard reference sources. Occasionally one comes across Giovanni Gambaro (1785-1828), an Italian clarinetist, who was born in Genoa and lived in Trieste and Vienna before settling in Paris where he owned a publishing firm, which he is thought to have run with Vincent.


He wrote at least 16 wind quartets for flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon. Opus 4 consists of a set of three. Their style is from the late classical era and they are in concertante form with each instrumental being given several grateful solos. Opus 4 No.1 begins with a dynamic Allegro in which the Horn states the main theme to a pulsing accompaniment. The Clarinet then develops it further and each voice adds more in its turn. The second movement, Andantino, is a theme and set of several variations in which each instrument is given a solo. Our sound-bite presents the theme and two variations, one for the Horn, the other for the Clarinet. The finale is a charming Polonaise.


This quartet, as well as the other two (soon to be reprinted) of Opus 4, are on a par with the lovely wind quartets by Rossini and will make a welcome edition to the repertoire for amateurs and professionals alike. Our edition is a reprint of the original early 19th century one by Breitkopf, however, we have added rehearsal letters and have corrected the few errors which occurred in that edition.  


Parts: $19.95





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