Paul Gilson

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Trio in g minor for Clarinet, Oboe & Piano

Paul Gilson (1865-1942) was born in Brussels. He studied organ and composition eventually becoming a professor of composition at the Brussels Conservatory. He was a prolific composer who wrote in most genres but is mostly remembered for his choral works.

His Trio in g minor was composed in 1919. It is rhythmically inventive and makes excellent use of tone color and is full of enticing modulations. Gilson was fond of polyphony and he uses it in this trio to finely interlace the three voices. This is especially apparent in the opening Allegro moderato and the middle movement, Andante. The exuberant finale, Presto, is full of good spirits and brings the work to a satisfying close.

Unavailable for many years, this highly appealing early 20th century work will be welcome in the concert hall as well as on the stands of amateurs.


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