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String Quartet No.4 in f sharp minor, Op.35

Here is what The Chamber Music Journal had to say about Glass' Fourth String Quartet


Glass’ Fourth String Quartet was completed in 1907 and dedicated to the Danish composer P.E. Lange-Müller. The spacious opening Allegro, ma non troppo is redolent of Bruckner, not tonally, but in the leisurely way in which the many themes are developed. The highly lyrical second movement, Adagio, molto espressivo, begins with a very leisurely presentation of what appears to be a folk theme. It is calm and assured. The second subject has a dark and mystical quality with a strange section where the strings are made to sound like a reed organ. The rhythmically disjointed main theme to the Scherzo that follows has an imploring, pleading and downcast quality to it. The plucked trio section provides an excellent contrast. The huge finale, Allegro marciale, almost breaks the bounds of chamber music, not only because of its length but also by virtue of the wealth of wonderful thematic material presented, all of it highly effective. This quartet is a masterwork which belongs in every performing quartet’s repertoire.”


Louis Glass (1864-1936) was born in Copenhagen. He was almost an exact contemporary of Carl Nielsen and like Nielsen was a student of Niels Gade. However, Glass also studied at the Brussels Conservatory where he became enamored of the music of Cesar Franck and Anton Bruckner, both of whom stylistically influenced his writing. For several years, he was one of Denmark’s leading concert pianists until a paralysis in one arm made him retire from the stage. He then devoted himself primarily to composing. He composed in most genres and wrote wrote several chamber music works of worth.


This certainly an important modern work for string quartet which will not only interest professionals but also experience amateurs. Unavailable for many years, we are pleased to reintroduce it.


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