Alexander Goedicke



Two Pieces for Clarinet & Piano, OP.28

Goedicke's Two Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, Op.28 date from 1921. The first is a lyrical and calm night piece. The second is lively and exciting, and while not a virtuoso work, it requires a clarinetist with a solid technicque. Unavailable for many years and difficult to find we are quite pleased to make it available once again and warmly recommend it.


Alexander Goedicke, sometimes spelled Gedicke (1877-1957) was born in Moscow and attended the Moscow Conservatory where he studied piano and organ. It is not known for sure whether he actually took formal composition lessons although some sources indicate that he did study composition with Anton Arensky, Nikolai Ladoukhine and Georgy Konyus, while others claim he was self-taught which seems unlikely in view of the quality of his compositions which won several prestigious prizes. He eventually became a professor of piano and organ at the Moscow Conservatory. Goedicke composed in most genres and did not neglect chamber music, for which he penned a piano trio, a piano quintet, two string quartets and several instrumental sonatas.


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