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Piano Trio in g minor, Op.14

Alexander Goedicke, sometimes spelled Gedicke (1877-1957) was born in Moscow and attended the Moscow Conservatory where he studied piano and organ. It is not known for sure whether he actually took formal composition lessons although some sources indicate that he did study composition with Anton Arensky, Nikolai Ladoukhine and Georgy Konyus, while others claim he was self-taught which seems unlikely in view of the quality of his compositions which won several prestigious prizes. He eventually became a professor of piano and organ at the Moscow Conservatory. Goedicke composed in most genres and did not neglect chamber music, for which he penned a piano trio, a piano quintet, two string quartets and several instrumental sonatas.


His Piano Trio in g minor was composed in 1900 and entered in the Universal Exhibition in Paris that year, winning the Grand Prize and a Gold Medal. Writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players, Wilhelm Altmann the famous chamber music critic has this to say about the work:


“Alexander Goedicke, despite his German name is a Russian. His Piano Trio in g minor published in 1903 is a noteworthy work. Structurally speaking it is in the traditional German style of four movements. It is full of fresh ideas and noble melodies. The bustling first movement, Allegro moderato, has warm and deeply felt themes. The same can be said for the Largo which comes next. The Russian-sounding Scherzo, Presto con fuoco, is quite original and striking. The work is topped off with a graceful Rondo Allegro. This is a work which can be recommended both for the concert hall as well as for home music making. It plays well and is sure to create friends by those who make its acquaintance.”


Unavailable for many, years we are quite pleased to make it available once again and warmly recommend it.

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