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Serenade, Op.24

For Clarinet (Violin or Viola), Cello & Piano

Emil Hartmann's Serenade for Clarinet, Cello and Piano was composed in 1878. Hartmann's publisher, as was standard practice for a work of this combination, asked the composer to make a part for violin, which would allow a standard piano trio to play the music. Hartmann not only supplied a violin part, but apparently felt the work would also be suitable for the viola, playing mostly in its higher registers. Hence the part he produced, though for the most part in treble clef, does have several alternative passages in alto clef intended for the viola alone. The Serenade is in three movements: Idylle, Romance and Rondo. The opening movement, Idylle, alternates between a dreamy, Brahmsian mood and a lighter and brighter faster section. The gorgeous Romance which follows is superbly written. The finale, Rondo, is upbeat and full of fetching melody.


Emil Hartmann (1836-1898) was born in Copenhagen, the son of J.P.E. Hartmann, one of Denmark's leading mid-19th century composers. He studied mostly with his father. In Denmark, he held important positions as a church organist by which he earned his living. He composed in virtually every genre and his music enjoyed considerable success in Germany for many years. As this Serenade indicates, he was an accomplished composer with a gift for melody and a good understanding of the instruments for which he was writing.


In our opinion, this trio is  absolutely first rate and belongs in the concert hall where it is sure to be a success. But amateurs should not miss the opportunity to play this fine work.


(A) Clarinet, Cello & Piano $29.95
(B) Violin / Viola, Cello & Piano $29.95
(C) All Four Parts $34.95




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