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Piano Trio in C Major, Op.7

“William Heilman's Piano Trio is an ingratiating work which reveals its composer as one who is concerned first and last with euphony; how his music sounds. Throughout the three movements, there is a minimum of dissonance, and the harmonic dispersions, particularly in the piano part, recall the Brahmsian sonorities that proved so adaptable to the chamber music style. The blandness of Heilman’s rhythms is wholly in keeping with the smoothness of his harmonic texture. An attractive feature of the work is the sonorous slow movement, Poco adagio, a well sustained song which keeps a thoroughly unified mood of tranquility and has a finely wrought climax. The work is of moderate difficulty and grateful to players and listeners alike."---the respected chamber music critic and scholar Arthur Shepherd writing in Cobbett's Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music


William Heilman (1877-1946) was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He is said to have studied in Munich with Josef Rheinberger and then in Paris with Charles Marie Widor before returning to Harvard from which he graduated. He subsequently was a lecturer in music at Harvard for over three decades. The Piano Trio in C Major was completed in 1922 and consists of three movements. First comes a buoyant Allegro amabile. This is followed by an appealing Poco adagio. The finale, Allegro grazioso, though graceful, is also full of forward energy.


We believe this is a fine work which will appeal to both professionals and amateurs. Certainly piano trio ensembles looking for an American late romantic work of the first quality would do well to present this one in concert. Long out of print, we are pleased to make it available once again.

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