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Cello Sonata in a minor

Peter Heise (1830-1879) was born in Copenhagen where he studied locally before attending the Leipzig Conservatory. Heise was of the generation for whom Mendelssohn and Schumann were the guiding lights. He was also influenced by his fellow countryman, Niels Gade. He did not find Wagner and the tonal ideas of the New German School to his taste. Upon his return to Copenhagen, he made a name for himself as a song writer although he composed in most genres. His opera Drot og Marsk (King & Marshall) was widely regarded the finest Danish opera of the 19th century.


Although his instrumental works are almost uniformly excellent, because of the tremendous popularity of his songs, they were overlooked. Among his chamber music works are 6 string quartets, a piano trio, a piano quintet, and a number of instrumental sonatas.


The Cello Sonata in a minor is in three movements and dates from 1867. The opening movement is subtitled Quasi Fantasia, perhaps because there are many different tempi changes and moods. The first part is a dramatic Andante molto full of passion. The exciting Allegro agitato which follows is in the form of a tarantella. The middle movement, Allegretto, is subtitled Intermezzo. It begins with a long flowing, cantilena melody of great beauty. The middle section is a march. The exciting finale, Allegro animato, literally bursts forth with energy as its heroic main theme sweep all before it.

Out of print for a very long time now, we are pleased to make it available again and believe cellists will find this a very welcome addition to the romantic sonata repertoire.

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