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Børne Trio in G Major for Violin, Cello & Piano, Op.31

Fini Henriques (1867-1940) was born in Copenhagen. He studied the violin and piano in his youth and was considered a child prodigy on both instruments. He initially concentrated on violin, first studying at the Royal Danish Conservatory with Valdemar Tofft, a student of Louis Spohr. However, he also took composition lessons from Johan Svendsen. He concluded his studies at the Berlin Hochschule with Joseph Joachim for violin and Woldemar Bargiel for composition. Returning to Denmark, he enjoyed a long career as a soloist, becoming one of Denmark’s most popular and beloved concert artists. He also founded a string quartet and chamber music society. In addition to his career as a soloist, he composed throughout his life,  leaving operas, symphonies, ballets, and chamber music. Today he is mostly remembered for his very appealing short works for violin and piano.


Henriques composed the Børne Trio (Danish for Children's Trio) was composed in 1900. Although, the composer titled it children's trio, if children are to play, they would have to be rather accomplished players. Although the trio presents no great technical difficulties and is written in a mid rather than late romantic style, its beautiful thematic material raises it to the level, deserving of concert hall performance, especially for amateurs seeking a very effective work. The trio opens with a charming Moderato. The middle movement, Andantino-allegro vivo, combines a slow movement and a scherzo. An exciting finale, Allegro con fuoco, brings this appealing work to a close.


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