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Violin Sonata No.3 in d minor, Op.78

The Austrian composer Heinrich von Herzogenberg (1843-1900) was greatly influenced by Brahms and one often easily hear this influence, what is striking is the amount of original and fresh thoughts there are, notwithstanding the influence of Brahms. His chamber music is unquestionably first rate and some of it made Brahms envious.

Herzogenberg's third and final violin sonata dates from 1892. It is in four movements. The opening movement, Andante, starts off in an introspective manner but quickly builds intensity with an urgent sense of restless. The second movement, Poco adagio, is calm and lyrical with valedictory air to it. Next comes an Andantino, subtitled Lithuanian Song. It is dance-like but not particularly quick and also tinged with melancholy. However, it turns out that there are a series of short variations which change the tempi. One variation, full of double stops and of a Hungarian flavor, reminds of Brahms. The finale is a Presto full of urgency.

This sonata will make a superb choice for a recital. It has all of the elements of a first rate sonata. Long out of print, we are pleased once again to make it available.


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