Julius Hopfe

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 String Trio No.2 in g minor, Op.69

"From Julius Hopfe we have two string trios. The second was composed in 1864. Not only is it well written, but it is a fine-sounding work which presents no technical difficulties. Always tasteful, it is in the style of the classical composers. The first movement, Allegro, is especially noteworthy with its effective, lyrical main theme. The short second movement, Scherzo, molto vivace, has a particularly melodic trio which is quite impressive. The third movement, Andantino, quasi larghetto might well be a song without words. The main theme is in the style of a Legend while the middle section has a lovely canon duet between the viola and violin. The lively, jovial finale, Allegro ma non troppo, is full spirited."---Wilhelm Altmann writing in his Handbook for Chamber Music Players.


Heinrich Julius Hopfe (1817-1891) was born near the German town of Heldrungen. His father, a preacher, intended him to have a career in the ministry of Julius was able to pursue musical studies first at his Gymnasium, then at University of Berlin and the Berlin Akademie der Kunst, obtaining a degree of doctor of philosophy. He became a prominent and influential piano pedigogue and also a conductor, all the while composing. He composed in most genres and was, during his lifetime, greatly appreciated for his chamber music. Among his chamber music works are 7 string trios, only two of which were ever published, three piano trios, two piano quartets, 2 nonets, 2 octets, 4 string quintets, 4 septets and several string quartets.


We have reprinted the original Schlesinger edition, however, we have added rehearsal letters to aid performance.

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