Joseph Jongen


Introduction & Danse for Viola & Piano, Op.102

Joseph Jongen's Introduction & Danse for Viola and Piano was composed in 1935. Although Jongen was in his 60's at the time, the style is that of late or perhaps post French impressionism. Lyrical and elegant, at times charming, at times full of fiery passion, Jongen shows that he was in full command of his powers.


Joseph Jongen (1873-1953), on the strength of an amazing precocity for music, entered the Liege Conservatory (in Belgium) at the extraordinarily young age of seven where he spent the next sixteen years. The admission board was not disappointed. Jongen won a First Prize for Fugue in 1891, an honors diploma in piano the next year and another for organ in 1896 . In 1897, he won the prestigious Grande Prix de Rome which allowed him to travel to Italy, Germany and France. He began composing at the age of 13 and immediately exhibited extraordinary talent. By the time he published his opus one, he already had dozens of works to his credit.

This is a substantial work, though in one movement, it is the length of a short sonata. (Our soundbite presents about half the work) It will be of interest to both professionals and amateurs. Unavailable now for many years, we are pleased to present it once again.

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