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String Trio  for Violin, Viola & Cello, Op.12

Pál Kadosa (1903-1983) was born in the town of Lévá, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and now Levice in Slovakia. He studied piano and composition with Zoltan Kodaly at the Budapest Academy of Music and subsequently pursued a career as a composer and teacher, eventually becoming a professor at the Academy. Among his many students were György Kurtág, Andras Schiff and György Ligeti.

Kadosa's compositions from his first period are a combination of Bartok and post Bartokian styles. The Op.12 String Trio dates from around 1929. In three movements, it opens with a searching, somewhat strident Allegro. The middle movement, Andante, is muted and has a sad somewhat elegiac quality. The finale, Presto, is an energetic, nervous fugue.

This is an interesting and engaging modern work. Of course, it belongs in the concert hall, but experienced and diligent amateurs will also revel in its beauty and originality. Only published once, our edition is a reprint of the original.


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